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Friday, December 30, 2011

Cooking 101 with Eric

Chicken Spaghetti


1.    3 tablespoon brown sugar

2.    ½ kilo chicken meat
3.    ¼ kilo hotdog

4.    12 gram chop onion
5.    12 gram chop garlic
6.    ½ teaspoon salt
7.    3 spoonful soysauce

8.    500 gram spaghetti sauce

9.    425 gram mushroom
10. ¼ cup cooking oil
11. ½ bar of cheese

Procedure in cooking chicken spaghetti

1.    Stir fry the garlic and onion
2.    Cook the chicken meat with the garlic and onion
3.    Put the soysauce and mix it with the ingredients and close the frying pan for 3 minutes
4.    Add 1 cup of water then wait until it boils
5.    After boiling drop the mushrooms and hotdog
6.    Put the spaghetti sauce and add 3 tablespoon brown sugar and boil it for 5 minutes
7.    In a different caserol fill it with water, half of the casserole wait until it boils then add ½ teaspoon salt and add ¼ cup cooking oil
8.    Now drop the pasta and wait for 15 minutes to cook it
9.    Prepare the dish its finished.

Vanilla Gulaman

1.    6 cups of tap drinking water
2.    1 pack of “Mr. Gulaman” jelly
3.    1 cup condensed milk
4.    1 cup white sugar
5.    ½ cup evaporated milk
6.    1 teaspoon vanilla

Procedure in making a Vanilla gulaman

1.    Measure 6 cups of tap drinking water in a casserole
2.    Gradually sprinkle 1pack of Mr. gulaman jelly powder. Mix into the water while stirring constantly
3.    Dissolve completely
4.    Heat. Continue stirring until jelly comes into a near boil
5.    Put 1 cup of condensed milk, then put 1 cup of white sugar and ½ cup evaporated milk

6.    While stirring drop 1 teaspoon of vanilla for the flavoring and mix it for 2 to 3 minutes
7.    Remove casserole from heat, then pour jelly into mold
8.    Let jelly set at room temperature and serve when jelly is firm enough to cut. Refrigerate for faster setting.

Pork Adobo


1.    1 kilo pork baboy
2.    1 medium size potato
3.    1 medium size carrot
4.    1 big bell pepper
5.    5 gram leaves of laurel
6.    3 gram black pepper
7.    15 gram garlic
8.    ½ cup vinegar
9.    ½ cup soy sauce
10. 4 gram magic sarap
11. 2 spoonful brown sugar

Procedure in making Pork Adobo
1.    Pag sama-samahin sa frying pan ang pork, vinegar, soysauce, dahon ng laurel, black pepper, garlic, brown sugar and magic sarap in the fryng pan

2.    Isalang at cook the meat with the ingredients until it boils for 30 minutes
3.    Put the potato, carrots and bell pepper in the fryng pan with all the  ingredients for 20 minutes

4.Then prepare the food now.

Sweet and Sour Eskabetse

1.    1 kilo fried tilapya fish
2.    1 cup  vinegar
3.    ¼ cup soy sauce
4.    2 spoonful flour
5.    ½ cup sugar
6.    4 gram garlic
7.    12 gram ginger
8.    1 white big onion
9.    1 big bell pepper
10.                       2 big tomatoes
11.                       ½ pack magic sarap flavouring

Procedure in making Sweet and Sour Eskabetse
1.    Fry the fish
2.    For the sauce igisa ang garlic and ginger then next is the onion, bellpepper, tomato and pour the soy sauce, vinegar and sugar for 3 minutes
3.    Now put the mixed flour with water in the fryng pan together with the ingredients in it
4.    After cooking the sauce prepare the dish.



1.  1 Cup soy sauce
2.  1 cup vinegar
3.  3 medium sized sliced tomato
4.  1 medium sized sliced onion
5.  ¼ cup sugar
6.  2 big cubes of sliced tofu
7.  1 cup cooking oil

Procedure of making tofu salad
1.  Fry the tofu until the color of it change into golden brown

2.  After cooking the tofu mix it together with the onion, tomato, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar.
3.  Prepare the tofu salad

by: Eric Jeffrey Arriola

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