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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tablet PC or Laptop? Which is better?

Alin nga ba ang mas maganda? Laptop o Tablet PC? Before I compare the two, let me tell you na you have to make a personal choice. Of course yung iba gusto tablet yung iba mas gusto ang laptop. One way to decide which s better is alamin muna ang quality ng bawat isa at syempre yung advantages at disadvantages nila. Halos magkatulad lang naman sila. They have the same kind applications and the same kind of features on both. But of course they have also special features na pwede nilang ipagkaiba gaya nung snipping tools para sa tablet PC which allow you to circle a portion of the scrren display and email it directly to someone pati na din ang note tools ng laptop which make it quite easy to take notes during a meeting. Parehas silang maganda and that makes the choice much more difficult kung alin ba tlaga sa kanila ang much better.
These are some advantages of Tablet PC vs. Laptop:
            Isa sa advantages ng tablet PC ay syempre mas magaan ito compare to most laptops. Thay are smaller in sizes which mean you can take them quite easily tucked under your arm from one place to another unlike most laptops which needs to be lugged wherever you go. Tablet PC scores on account of their lightness of weight.
            Another thing is that tablet PC can be laid flat on the working surface unlike laptop kasi ang laptop screen kailangan mapanatiling vertical and that might obstruct clear view of the person sitting in front of you.
            It must be said that a tablet PC becomes more personal to the user than a laptop. Since hindi naman tayo tulad-tulad ng style sa paghawak at paggamit ng pen kaya naman the tablet PC will become unique to the user and even the user will become unique to the pen.
            At syempre kung may advantage mayroon ding disadvantages ang mga ito.
These are the disadvantages of Tablet PC over Laptop:
Some people might find the screen size of the tablet PC too small in comparison with a laptop. The maximum size the tablet PC screen can go up to is 14.1'.
Another handicap with a tablet PC is that it does not have an inbuilt optical drive, though you can connect it externally. But this could be a deterrent to some users. The reason behind not including the optical drive is to maintain the low mass of the device.
A tablet PC is not good if other people besides you are planning to share it. The tablet PC understands your handwriting and writing gestures, and it may not understand those of others. For that reason, tablet PCs are good only when single users intend to use it for their entire lifetime. Laptops can be used by any number of users without such concerns.
There are more chances of screen damage to tablet PCs than to laptops. Ito ay dahil sa pen device ng tablet PC. Kailangan mo pa ng special screen guard para sa tablet PC.
Theoretically, input with tablet PC becomes slower than those with laptops. The main reason here is that ang tablet PC take handwriting inputs at hindi nito kyang tumbasan ang bilis ng keyboard at mouse na ginagamit salaptop.
At syempre mas mahal ang tablet PC compare to laptops. And that must be one of the clinching points in making your decision pero syempre kailngangan icheck mong mabuti yung features that they provide.
So which is better between the two computing systems? For me much better ang laptop kesa sa tablet PC kasi mas malaki ang capacity ng laptop compare to tablet PC. Another is that laptop is much affordable than tablet PC also mas medaling gamitin ang laptop at mas mabilis magfunction. In most cases, laptops are the most powerful.


by: Cam,ille Abigail M. Rollan

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