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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Plan on Spending My Perfect Holiday Vacation

As time passes by we all come up to a day with peacefullness and pleasure we could spend on, a time we prefer to say yes to everything we wanted to do and a time for all the joy and perpetual happiness we could feel for this instance, the occasion we’ve all been waiting the whole year round and this leisure time which we call Christmas holiday and up untill the final morpheme of our year that we’ve alll welcoming at is the New Years Eve so the days that we could be in a prolonged suspension of fun, joy and happiness would be this occasion.

When this day comes or before we enter the holidays of that time we come to think on how we could spend our holiday. We ask for opinions on what place we could go? What exciting adventures we could do? How we could celebrate our holidays in less expense but filled with goods in our tummy? Those questions come up to our mined and we could not even sleep without thinking for it so as time passes by we list the things we should do on how to spend our holiday.

In particular I listed the things I’ve been wanting to do in my time for this holiday, first thing at my list that came up on my mined is to have a gathering with my “tropa” in my place. My tropa our like my brothers and of course I would like to spend my fun time with them so I prefer to call them and make a conclusion that we gather for a day which we could be one cool guild again, do our thing like going in one of our tropa’s computer shop and spare time on playing games there. We would play DOTA which I bet we could say nasty and stupid things to each other without shedding any blood on our face, things like trash talking with them and would be fun on my side. So when the end of the day and night falls I planned on going to a bar or just at our neighbor on buying some drinks or simply called as Empirador Light I want to feel again the experience going berserk and tripping other people with liqours not just empi, the bar tanduay ice all that we could buy for that night and spend the next day having a hang over and in my room sleeping the whole day.

Next thing to do in my time is for me buy gifts. The day which I go to the mall of market just to buy toys for my inaanak because I am a ninong na and that makes my allowance decomeposed a lil more but I can’t do anything for it because that was ny obligation on them so I will buy them those thing. Good thing I don’t have a girlfriend because having that on my side would be much more expense hahahaha but I really don’t care for that and I don’t give a damn thing with girlfriends, anyway I would not just buy toys but also buy some things for my family and of course if I have extra budget. My mother and father and both my sister would have a gift coming from me but that’s just, unless I got extra money left in my account. (^^,)

So when everything was already set, now I could not think on how we could do my other stuff without doing my choires or finishing the requrements for my school subjects so I will do the cooking thing and typing words I would pass in our unit so when that was already done the next thing to do is clean the house “as if I have a choice >:)“ this is for the coming christmas because people would be dropping in our place to make a visit and say “namasmasko po” as the usual people at that usual day of the year scenario. So all of that was set and already done.

Time for cooking food for our noche buena that’s before the night so I’d rather spend my time on my mother side to learn things on how she do those dishes and anyway I’lll just watch her anyway so when things our finished I will go in my pc and make a video, I do this for fun and that’s my hobby so playing and doing that makes my holiday complete not untill I finished eatng the foods we make for the evening.
Next on my list would be buying firecrackers and fireworks that could make my ear crumble and silence my ear drum for a single moment. I love spending money on those and lighting them for the night makes me feel the fun. Throwing them on the streets and poping the 5 star or OG on the empty lot could be cool so I will to that.

The New Years Eve would be the usual and I will sleep, eat, drink and make the house beat like theres no tomorrow. Over all I would raher spend my holidays together with my family and friends in our neighbor and stay at my place rather than going to a trip on other place because its better to have the people closest to you in the closest place you would be, here in our place and in our hearts… to bad no Gf’s allowed ^^,.
The end…….

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