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Saturday, January 14, 2012

What is the difference between Info Tech, Com Sci and Info Sys courses?

                 Today there are so many ways for students to create their own path on what they would wanted to become for their own future. Never the less this future that I mentioned have certain effect to the idea of all teenagers and people who wants to learn, the future of computer technology and the system that inhabits every single line of data that they will encounter as part of this technological evolution. Frankly some courses have different forte or ways and speciallizations, and for some common degree courses offered to the students are Information Technology, Computer Science and Information System degrees although they have the similarities of not having liscence like the nursing degrees have, or engineering courses offers but likewise the courses I mentioned still have certificates that could grant them ensurance for future work and the only good thing on bachelors degree we have is that we don’t have to go through board exams, just to have liscence.
The struggle of knowing what different structure of the program the Information Technology has from Computer Science and Information System took place on my mined. Kaya syempre for a Computer Science student like me, i should make some pointers kung paano ko bibigyan ng specifications ang bawat courses na close sa course ko but not quite similar to each other.
For Information Technology the requirements that you will inhabit dito are ang pag-tackle ng management and information theory. Sa management you will study all business and organizational activities using available resources efficiently and effectively at syempre management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization . Information technology can be expected to concentrate on the business and communicating applications of computing, although there is more emphasis on these two areas in the  e-commerce , e-business and business information technology undergraduate courses. At the associate’s degree level, typical courses include project-based information systems, Website database implementation, introduction to DHTML and Java Script, as well a mathematics based curriculum. So they are more on application to businesses kaya ang approach nila sa students is parang madali for them to study by that course and ang alam ng karamihan eh mas madaming offerings ang makukuha nila after graduating with this course.
In Computer Science we study more on algorithms, mathematical calculations and logic structures of programming for system based applications and also for the software development. Dito we tackle web development where it is coded by the form of javascript on html or php based codes. Pero Com Sci’s are logically analysis everything from automata to the creation of system based software. Pumapasok rin dito ang designing of system syempre may mga units na the same ang Info Tech from Com Sci. As much as I know we dig deeper kesa sa Info Tech, I mean the thing that seperates us from them is yung skeletal structure bago pumasok sa isang certain system. More broad but we take the simplest analytical structure on every thing that we do, syempre we take the complex problem but never the less we take it to the shortest way as we can to solve it. Taking this course syempre pag-aralan pa rin ang databases, computer architecture and operating systems. Yung expansion ng artificial inteligece or any expert systems is pwede naming I handle uhm although mas limited ang offerings sa Com Sci we still have the ability to expand more and create more answers to the problems we also create. If theres no problem we will create the problem para masaya.
For Computer Information System Degree naman is a professionally orientated course with a strong practical focus. Para sa Info Sys you will develop real systems, products and services in studios specially design for ‘learning by doing’ ito yung more on sa pag-aapply ng pratical parang hands-on baga. The course provides the skills and knowledge to solve information problems and manage information-related opportunities in business, education and society, just like the other two courses I mentioned the in this course you are introduced to the basic concepts in information management and information systems, project management, database and computer programming. Sa Info Sys they're also relied upon to analyze existing systems and discover new ways to optimize their performance. Sila yung nag so-solve ng mga bagong system at sila na rin yung nag-rere-envent ng existing software.
Kaya for the closure lang it is more likely na maraming pagkakaparehas ang Info Tech, Com Sci and Info Sys pero at the same time they wouldn’t be the same parin. I say na parang Earth ang three mentioned courses, the Inner Core would be the Computer Science, the outer core is the Information Technology and the Mantle would be the Information System and the crust would be shared equally by the three degrees. Yan yung simplest way para I paliwanag ko in my own way ang form ng mga courses.

Camille Abigail Rollan

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