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Saturday, January 14, 2012

What is it like being a 3rd year Com Sci student?

Having a life full of surprises like mine is like trying to spend your life in a certain aspiration of desires to manage what I really feel and love on doing in my everyday living. Perhaps what I really mean is that I luck of inspiration, because before I really don’t want to go to school or study in a university, I couldn’t see myself wearing a uniform, taking showers everyday early in the morning and spending half of my day in school studying. But time comes and I learned to create a new life and start things all over again in a more passionate way I could ever do in the life I have now and that’s by taking Bachelor in Science in Computer Science.
At the start I never foresee what things I could expect in this course but slowly I cope up with everything this course offers me. Through the effect of stress and thinking “how could I ever pass every single unit and subjects I have” all out the semesters that I had encountered. But never the less I surpassed all of if through the help of my classmate syempre tropa eh. Anyway i accomplished to be strong untill now and since the start of the first semester on the third year I manage to understand how a pressure and stress can affect my mined.
There are times I wanted to withdraw my sword and surrender the battle amongs those people in front of me. I know that their just doing their job on teaching us but the fact that the pressure they give us make me loose my mined, in instance I could tell myself na “uy I should work nalang kaya and stop my studying kase dyahe hirap ng mag-aral sobrang stress na ko” but I couldn’t do that because I told myself na may mga umaasa sa akin sa family ko and with that I hinder my insperation and serve that as a protocol to take my home to the server of the school. Parang sinabi ko na ang life ko for now is iikot talaga sa school at these would be my, kahit na nag-mumukang kawawa ako compare sa other classmates ko kase parang I am the weakst of them all pag-dating sa logical aspects but on the contrary naman nakakapasa pa rin naman ako.

 These third year naman second semester na, although mejo naging loose na ang time and we got more minutes to relax it doesn't mean to say na makakapag-relax talaga kami. It is always said na if you got more time to spare you got to spare your time working hard on your studies lalo na ngayon gawaan na ng sytem and software para sa thesis. Looking at this na two pairs lang ang kailangan for creating the thesis naku I hard to work quadrople time para makapag-handa and makapag isip ng tama at the pick of this university life we are having na talaga. Walang arte at walang pag-sasawalang bahala for everything we need to work with kaya sana naman mabawasan yung pressure sakin. I should take risk and change my attitude to everyone para they would not say na I don’t deserve being with them and together with them all I got and I believe in is at stake in here, my life would be a waste if I fall behind them kase hirap mag-isa and yung umaasa sa akin na mother ko na she wanted me to finish my course is talagang dapat kong I give sa kanya so all of everything bad or good, worst or better kailangan ko talagang I take at I handle.
This is the pressure I felt being a third year Com Sci student and continuing to accompany me untill now. So the inspiring thing I could take from all of this was the my mother and family na umaasa sa akin and besides for what pa if madadapa lang ako sa huli tapos I would not get up para I continue to syempre tuloy tuloy lang ako kahit nanjan sina teacher pressure and prof. stress pero tama lang yun para naman marealize naman kung gaano kasarap ang feeling kapag na accomplish namin ang binibigay nilang firewall sa amin para wasakin at malusutan kaya life goes on for me now.

Eric Jeffrey Arriola

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